Medical Chest Series
Mobile Master Medical Supply Bin
Medical Supply Cases
Medical Supply Trunks
Medical Tote Cases

•  Stackable Medical Cases. Designed specifically to keep life saving equipment and supplies safe and secure, from moisture, dust, sand, temperature and impact.

•  Eight of these Mobile Master plastic storage boxes fit on a 463L pallet. Comes with front and back removable lids

•  These medical cases have metal drawers and divider plates to keep all of your supplies organized and safe.

•  These Medical Supply Trunks come in four sizes, making sure the case meets the need.

•  These plastic storage boxes come with removable totes, for more portable storage.

Medical Chest Accessories

•  Easily setup, This leg kit works with all sizes of the Medchests in the Medical Chest series.

•  Protect your sensitive medical equipment with our rotomolded, watertight, airtight and impact resistant cases that feature battle-tested endurance with the perfect combination of customizable inserts and options to organize and protect lifesaving medical gear. From administrative to in-the-field portable units, each case is designed to exact performance standards with the input of military medical professionals in tandem with the expert engineers.